Rosebud Challenge

Anybody who has read No Stars Over Uptown knows about Axel and Thu. The panty chapter still haunts me. Because of that one chapter, I decided that I was going to download Axel from the gallery and make him go through the Rosebud Challenge.

The challenge involves taking someone and plopping them down on a piece of empty land. Give them a mailbox and a trashcan, then delete ALL of their money back to ZERO. They are not allowed to find a job until they can somehow earn $500.

I did not get any screen shots of Axel during this first part. Once he earned his $500, I got him a writing job. I also bought him a tent, the cheap wooden toilet, and the outdoor shower.

Once he hit $10,000, I let his girlfriend move into the tent with him to help him out. She is a painter. I also bought them a grill and a picnic table. I have started to build their house. There are two wall panels built so far.

Axel’s girlfriend is ironically named Rose Budd. She was just some cute random game generated Sim. Not sure if she even wears panties, but I’m sure by now Axel would know.

06-20-17_11-57-34 AM06-20-17_11-58-05 AM

Axel should leave the cooking to his friend, Zayne (who is also in this save). His first time using the grill, he set things on fire.

I have replaced a lot of the game generated Sims with some from my library and some recognizable faces from other SimLit stories. You may see some of them wandering around in some of the pictures, but the focus here will be on Axel and how much I can torture the poor guy during this challenge.

I cannot promise frequent updates on this one since it was just done to give myself a bit of a break from writing while I deal with some life things going on the next couple weeks, but I will post on some big moments or anything funny that happens. I’ll link the updates on this page to make them easy to find.

End of week 2

Weeks 3, 4, and 5

Rosebud Challenge Family Tree