Ch 15: Life Sucks

(From Tiana’s point of view)

07-14-17_12-57-11 AM

Life sucks. Don’t try to convince me that it doesn’t. I have seen the worst that life has to offer and I’m still only a teenager.

You remember the little girl who was kidnapped when she was still learning to poop in the toilet? That was me. The man who kidnapped me was the uncle of one of my dads. Yes, I said one of them. I have two dads. Well, I did. I don’t have either of them now. I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s get back to what I was saying. Uncle Tony had his wife kidnap me. Aunt Chiandra had dated one of my dads and was good friends with the other so it was easy for her to get to me. I grew up being told that my parents didn’t want me so Uncle Tony and Aunt Chiandra adopted me. I had no memory of anything else.

The first time I remember meeting my dad was the night he came to the house and killed Uncle Tony.

I don’t think he meant to. At least that’s what I heard him tell my other dad. I was there and saw what happened though. I told the police what I saw. I do feel bad that they arrested Dad for the things I told them. If what they say really happened, then I can understand why Dad killed Uncle Tony. I would probably do the same to anybody that kidnapped one of my kids.

Dad didn’t do very well in jail. One of Uncle Tony’s men spread the word about Dad’s former life before he met my other dad. That caused a lot of trouble for Dad in there. The night the phone rang with the news, I think the entire town could have heard my brother’s reaction. My other dad was heart broken. When they say that a person could die of a broken heart, I never believed it, until now.

So this past week, I have seen my dad kill the man who raised me, and buried both of my fathers. Boy was it strange to see a grave with my name on it beside the graves of my dads.

You would think that would be the end of my problems, but it’s not.

Because I am only 15 years old, and both of my fathers have died, I was forced to move in with my brother and his family. It seems that they take in orphaned relatives or something.

Jackson seems to blame me for our dads dying. He won’t talk to me. If I walk into a room he is in, he leaves without a word. I get it, Jackson. I’m the reason they are dead. I know that.

That’s still not all of the problems this week. That ditzy sister-in-law of Jackson’s, Sophia, caught the deck on fire and killed our housekeeper. How you can set the deck on fire while using the microwave is beyond me, but she managed to do it somehow. Of course since I was using the grill at the time, I got blamed for it. Even though the grill was still in perfect condition, not even a smoke smudge on it, I got blamed.

Nobody seemed to care that I was passed out only feet from the fire. They stayed in front of the house acting as if nothing was happening.  They were probably hoping the fire killed me so they wouldn’t have to deal with me.

I feel alone now. All the friends I had before when I was living with Uncle Tony now hate me. They blame me for Uncle Tony’s death. I guess it kind of is too. Bentley Le Pew even came over to the house to accuse me. Nobody cared enough to stop him or tell him he was wrong. I guess they all blame me also.

07-14-17_12-54-37 AM

So, I am 15 years old. I have been kidnapped. I have seen my dad kill my uncle. I have caused my dad to die in jail which caused my other dad to die of a broken heart. I have been forced to live with a brother who hates me and his family who doesn’t like me much either. I have been blamed for the death of the housekeeper.  I have lost all of my friends. I am alone.

07-14-17_12-06-29 AM

So yeah. Life sucks.


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